Project optimisation

The project optimisation service involves a double evaluation of the project which is performed by another team of experts, which is different from the one who created the original designs, this is basically a second qualified opinion.

Double-checking the project provides reassurance to the client that the proposed solutions are reliable and can even cut the investment costs by up to 30%.

This service may be used at every stage of the project (proposal, design, execution) or may cover just one phase or the entire project and involves the technical verification of the design, checking the legal compliance of the project, checking the bills of quantities and the related costs.

Here are some of the benefits of this service:

An external vision may bring about a new angle that can generate alternative solutions;
A better understanding of the functional and spatial purposes of the project, by all stakeholders, while identifying, clarifying and prioritising the real and final purposes of the client;
Getting the best value along the entire lifecycle of the designed building;