Consulting and technical assistance

The technical assistance and consulting department provides added value to the activities performed by Leviatan Design.

These services contribute to improving the quality level of the projects that we handle.

Technical assistance involves a dedicated team of experts that ensure the flow of communication between the execution and design phase.

Here are the main attributions:

Preliminary reports, global checks, structural proposals

Optimising the technical solutions, preparing technical and economic reports

Participating in the teams that prepare the feasibility studies for various investment projects

Running local checks, extensive design calculations

Technical Assistance

The technical assistance provided by the designer involves checking the way in which the building contractor performs the works; this is a way of (1) making sure that all instructions in the technical design are being followed, (2) adjusting or fine-tuning certain solutions if requested by the investor, and not lastly (3) designing technical solutions to fix the flaws that may appear during the execution phase, which is actually the last leg of the design process.

Here are the main attributions:

Site supervision and checking on the quality of the execution in the milestone report programme

Checking the amounts of materials that have been used and their correlation with the bills of quantities

Optimising the works schedule