Reinforcement projects

Designing the reinforcement and enlargement works for a certain building involves an enhanced responsibility on the hands of the experts, because the designed works that have to be executed must guarantee the security of the executed works, so that they do not affect other parameters of the existing building and be compliant with quality standards, while also contributing to using resources more efficiently and optimising costs.

The main evaluation in the reinforcement projects is conducted by making a technical experts’ analysis of the structure of the existing building.

Our experts approach with professionalism projects involving the reinforcement, re-partitioning or enlargement of existing buildings or adding new storeys and they meet the clients’ needs with bespoke solutions.

The reinforcement, modernisation, enlargement, and cant projects are highly complex projects that are usually performed based on the intervention solutions recommended further to the technical expert analyses and other speciality surveys that establish the requirements and limitations of the proposed interventions.

The reinforcement projects involve a high level of ingenuity which must be rigorously correlated with understanding (1) the behaviour of the existing structure, (2) the technological conditions of the execution process and (3) the implications of the interventions all throughout the execution process, but also subsequently, in terms of how the building’s functions are performed and how reliable the solutions are.