years on the market

Why work with us

Consistent and open culture

We have an open and strait forward approach towards communication both internally and externally, and we encourage everyone’s feedback and suggestions.

Creative and unique solutions

We know that each project is different and, therefore it requires a different way of combination between knowledge and experience so that it offers innovative solutions.

Respect for people and appraisal for their contribution

We acknowledge each person’s contribution and we offer an environment that encourages people into using their knowledge and skills by creating for them, at the same time, opportunities to learn more and to develop as individuals.

Excellency & Ethics

We offer and work at high standards and we love challenges. All projects are carried out through integrity, honesty and correctness.


We build for the future, ensuring that the projects we develop enrich our client’s work, the community economy and our company’s reputation.

Energy and Enthusiasm

Successful projects are based on energy, enthusiasm and the commitment of the involved people. We strive to offer an environment that helps our people channel these values into inspiring them to give the best every day.

Leviatan Design has developed projects in most of the country’s counties, thus covering almost all of Romania’s territory.


intelligent and custom-made solutions to any project by providing civil-engineering and construction integrated solutions, from concept to accomplishment.