Indigenous innovations, supported by Leviatan Design, at the PatriotFest Gala2 min. de citit

The fifth edition of the PatriotFest Gala took place on January 18, 2023, at the National Military Circle, where awards were presented for innovation, during the only national innovation competition organized by institutions in the field of national defense and security, at the initiative of the New Strategy Center think tank, with the support of Leviatan Design and Boeing.

“New Strategy Center’s initiative manages to bring the governmental and private sectors together to catalyze energies and produce beneficial effects for both parties. I am glad that the event emphasizes innovation. Innovation is one of the key engines within our company and I believe it should be a key element within society,” said Cătălin Podaru, CEO of Leviatan Design.

The event was attended by Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitization, Angel Tîlvăr, Minister of National Defense, as well as other representatives of institutions in the field of defense and national security.

At the PatriotFest Gala, Cătălin Podaru, CEO of Leviatan Design, presented the III prize in the Autonomous Systems category to Mrs. Ramona Budu, for the project “FIRE X – Autonomous fire extinguishing system”. The FIRE X system could change the way we fight fires, based on a fire-fighting gel that is in the process of approval.

The other awards presented at the event were the following:

  • the “Edition” Prize, given to Mr. Emil Ștețco, for the project “Factory – No Code AI”; the I Prize in the Autonomous Systems category, given to Mr. Bogdan Gașpar, for the project “heliCOPTER Barry”;
  • the I Prize in the “Innovation for Security” category, given to Mr. Adrian Donca, for the project “NC4F – Electric car”;
  • the II Prize in the “Autonomous Systems” category, given to Mr. Victor van Puyvelde, for the project “TEC 800 – Autonomous terrestrial robot”;
  • the II Prize in the “Innovation for Security” category, given to Mr. Raul Ionel, for the project “Boundary Scan – evaluation of the quality of electronic boards”;
  • the III Prize in the “Innovation for Security” category, given to Mr. Marius Dumitru, for the project “Mobile system for monitoring the level of nitrites in the aquatic environment”;
  • the “PatriotFest Debut” Prize, given to Mr. Bogdan Patriniche, for the project “Blockchain with embedded NLP”;
  • the “Research for Defense” Prize, given to Mr. Mihalache Ghinea & UPBAIR for the project “Pure pneumatic engine”;
  • the “Hope PatriotFest” Prize, given to Ms. Georgiana Simion, for the project “AI system for the automatic diagnosis of liver lesions”;
  • the “PatriotFest Ambassador” Trophy, given to Mr. Ion M. Ioniță, senior editor of “Adevărul” and editor-in-chief of “Historia”.

We are pleased to be part of this initiative, which stimulates indigenous innovations and can have real benefits for national security, especially in the current context, when there are multiple promotions near our borders.

Additional details about the PatriotFest Gala can be accessed here: