Leviatan Design: Mindset Generates Major Obstacles in the Path of Digitization1 min. de citit

Obstacles to digitization are generated by the mindset. While continuously trying to identify problems, we often overlook the things that work well in our field of activity. For example, Romania is a country that benefits from one of the best internet connectivities in the world, in terms of data packet transfer speed, stated Romina Posea, Head of Planning and Continuous Improvement Office at Leviatan Design, on the occasion of participating in the most recent edition of the “EURO-Constructii” video conferences.

“We trust that we can change this way of thinking: from the prejudice that everything we aim to do is too difficult to even be worth starting, to concrete action: to the belief that we have the capacity to skip a few steps in order to reach our digitization, digitalization, and eventually digital transformation goals more quickly. It is necessary that the obstacle of distrust and despair should not be allowed to stop us from acting. Often, we use expressions and words without properly mastering their meanings. That’s why we thought it useful to precisely define the digital transformation process, which represents the integration of digital technology into all operational aspects of a business, making specific activities more efficient, more productive, and safer. As for digitization, it is the procedure of transitioning from a classic medium to a digital one, while digitalization involves the use of software applications for processing,” said Romina Posea.

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