Administrative Pavilion in Barracks 940

The proposed project includes 5 investment objects:
• Object 1 – Multifunctional pavilion – administrative connected to utilities;
• Object 2 – Internal access roads and alleys, concrete platforms, exterior arrangements;
• Object 3 – External networks;
• Object 4 – Fencing, car and pedestrian gates, gate cabin
• Object 5 – Generator set
The administrative pavilion is the main objective of the project and includes the following functional zoning:
• offices and annex spaces such as meeting rooms, spaces for special activities, archive, storage spaces, sanitary groups and locker rooms
• offices, representative area with command offices, meeting rooms, foyers, museum exhibition halls
• accommodation units comprising rooms with shower sanitary groups, socializing rooms and spaces for linen and cleaning material storage, personal locker room
• food block comprising dining room, kitchen, food storage, personal locker room
• infirmary comprising treatment room, medical office and waiting hall
The building will have controlled mechanical ventilation with double flow heat recovery for the office area, accommodation and dining room.
On the building terrace will be positioned the air handling units, cooling aggregates and solar panels, on dedicated metal structures, at a minimum height of 50 cm from the terrace plan, thus reducing the risk of snow cover.
The installation works within the project include:
• HVAC installations
• Sanitary installations
• Strong current & weak current installations
Starting from the location of the central room to the dimensioning of all equipment (boilers, circulation pumps, buffer, expansion vessels, equalization bottle), our installation engineers, with the support of colleagues from architecture and resistance, have designed the entire thermal system to meet all the requirements required and imposed both by the normative and by the beneficiary.
The 4 wall-mounted condensing boilers, operating in cascade, provide the heating agent, thus significantly reducing gas and electricity consumption.
The boilers will provide the heating agent for air conditioning units, radiators and preparation of domestic hot water.

Licenses used

Our activity is based on 43 licensed software and 645 licenses from the Autodesk suite and includes programs such as Revit, Robot, CiVil 3D, Naviswork, Graitec Power Pack, etc.

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Client: Ministry of National Defense
Location: Bucharest
Level arangement: Basement + Ground Floor + 2 Floors
Build surface area: 5320.18 Mp
Project type: Design & Build
Stage: Completed