Who we are?

Leviatan Design started operating back in 2012 focusing on providing integrated architecture and civil engineering services, and has evolved over its 11 years in business into a supplier of complete services supporting design & build projects.

With 100% Romanian capital, our company has found its way on the Romanian construction market relying on the vision of the young entrepreneurs who incorporated this business, a vision that was – from the very outset – focused on sustainable development backed by technology and innovation. Leviatan Design has managed to stand out on the local market through its ability to ADAPT, firmly supported by the digitization and automation of internal processes, but also by innovative working methods such as BIM and other modern technologies, which eventually helped this company become a true promoter of the technologisation of the construction business.

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The team

By continuously improving and automating the internal processes in the construction industry, we have succeeded to build a SOLID TEAM that brings together specialists from all areas that are covered by our projects, and that generates its own standardization and know-how on the market, thus becoming a true representative of modern engineering.

Our team of professionals has in-depth technical knowledge and is brings together architects, systems engineers and structure specialists, project managers and administrative staff who deliver quality on every project they develop, sharing the common goal of providing value and results, integrated services from concept to completion, and sustainable and innovative solutions for every client.

Our team has all of the resources that are necessary to deliver high-quality projects. All of our designers have their own complete AEC licences; the HoloLens2 devices are used in the design and execution process, alongside Mixed Reality software such as Visual Live and Next BIM, and cutting-edge data collection and processing equipment such as FARO Laser Scanner, plus our Phantom 4 RTK drone, Microsoft HoloLens 2 and HoloKase.

Cătălin Podaru

General Manager

Alina Podaru

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel Marcu

Technical Manager

Andrei Turcu

Architecture department

Maria Văsi

Infrastructure department

Cezar Crețu

Head of Structural Engineering Office

Marius Mladin

Systems department

Izabela Mladin

Offers and quotes department

Andrei Vlădoi

Technical Assistance department

Romina Posea

Process improvement department

Mirela Negru

Accounting department

Alexandra Kovacs

Marketing department

Gabriela Szatmari

The legal department

Marian Crîșmaru

IT Department

Sandra Tiron

HR Department

Our main purpose is

to provide integrated engineering in design&build projects based on the BIM method, high-performance technologies and software, with a solid team of specialists who can secure a high level of quality in all of the projects that we deliver by:
Supplying integrated civil engineering and building solutions, ranging from original concept to actual performance, according to the highest quality standards.
Customised services
Sustainable and innovative solutions for the clients
The digitalisation and ongoing technologisation of company processes
Strengthening the team and quickly adapting to the changes in the construction business


Our mission is to keep our working standards up to the highest level of technology and performance, and act as a complex structure that is able to cover various activity areas with accountability and collaboration. We support teamwork for every successful project, because every team member plays a unique role in the overall functioning of our company.

The underlying values of our work are:

Respect to people

We build positive long-term relationships with our customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and co-workers. These relationships are based on mutual trust, respect and good collaboration.

Creativity, adaptability and flexibility

As individuals, we are different and build every business relationship based on mutual, continuous and consistent understanding and respect.


We design and build for the future sustainable projects, while making sure that our solutions add value to our customers’ work, the economy of the entire community, protect the environment and support the good reputation of our company.

Consistency and openness

We consider that, by means of an open and straightforward communication, both inside and outside the company, any action that we take is free from any discrimination.

Energy and excitement

We approach any challenge with energy and excitement, which are the prerequisites of any successful project.


Our decisions rely on loyalty and all projects are carried out by means of integrity, honesty and correctness.


We keep everything up to high standards of professionalism.

Educational involvement

We are actively involved in the life of the communities where we work, and we will continue to make every effort in order to train future generations of engineers and specialists in the field of constructions.


Our involvement starts from the inside, more specifically from the permanent concern that we have toward our in-house work environment.
Our commitment is to build a safe and healthy work environment for all of your employees and we provide them with customised programmes devoted to personal and professional development.

Ever since we entered the market, we have run personal development programmes, we have supported every individual’s own professional development by customised training courses, we have encouraged physical exercise by facilitating the access to gyms and sports events, we have organised massage and stretching sessions on our premises, we provided our colleagues with the resources they need in order to energise their minds and souls: fresh fruit, coffee, books, theme parties that can facilitate socialising and human interaction.

We will continue to organise wellbeing activities at Leviatan Design and to support the team to adopt a healthy and positive lifestyle.

How we work?

We always work with energy and excitement on all of our projects, which are produced in 3D exclusively and are based on the Building Information Modelling process (BIM).
For our design needs according with the BIM process, we use an intelligent platform, BIM 360 (with over 115 licences), that comes with specific modules such as Docs, Build and others.
We use survey drones and laser scanners to prepare topographic surveys and to scan buildings; this is how we are able to store large data volumes, to quickly and accurately process the information we scan and to supply our 3D model outputs to all of the interested specialists, i.e. architects, designers, engineers and building contractors.
By means of ongoing investment, we continue raising our team’s performance level and the quality of the projects we deliver, thereby becoming a true representative of modern engineering.
We have 43 licenced software applications and 645 licences that we use. Each designer has their own licence. The software we use are part of the Autodesk suite; every designer has their own full AEC licence. This suite includes programmes such as Revit, Robot, CiVil 3D, Naviswork, Graitec Power Pack, etc.
For our design and execution assignments, we use HoloLens2 devices alongside Augmented Reality software applications, such as Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality , which help us use 3D modelling in Mixed Reality or Augmented Reality modes.


Why “Leviatan” and “Mind Matter”?

When we had to think of a corporate name, we drew our inspiration from the symbols of the fundamental work of Thomas Hobbes, a British philosopher who wrote Leviathan.
Hobbes came up with the idea that – incapable of endlessly relying on their own individual powers in order to provide sustainability and satisfaction – men should get united into a group (the commonwealth).

Therefore, this group, as a unit, is actually a network of associated contracts and becomes the highest form or social organisation.

In Hobbes’ perception, forming this unit begets a new entity, an artificial one (the Leviathan) which is entrusted with all responsibilities that concern social order and public welfare.

So, borrowing that concept from the British philosopher, we took that metaphor one step further and turned this image – within the broader circumstance of the modern world in which we live and work – into the image of a complex economic construction that can cover all of the areas that we – with all due modesty – would like to cover.

Our company motto – “Mind Matter” – is a triptical manner of expressing three action situations:

  1. What our product is, more specifically the mind’s matter;
  2. How we approach the challenges and requirements of the client (we mind our Client’s Matter);
  3. How we act in society, more specifically modelling the matter with our own mind.


The permanent concern to our clients, employees and the environment has made it so that – along the years – the company made every effort to obtain certifications according to international ISO standards and the Romanian legislation, such as ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 19650-1:2018, ISO 19650-2:2018, B-type certification from the National Energy Regulator, ISU (Emergency Situation Inspection Bureau) certifications, other certifications provided by the National Coding Bureau (NCAGE:1HFFL code), and not lastly other certifications regulated by Romania’s Civil Aeronautics Authority.

Also, given the industry we work in, we have been evaluated by private companies that are specialised in market analyses, and have obtained various certifications for our professional competencies as follows:

8th rank in TOP 10 IBC Focus (link here)

Design infrastructure elements for aerodrome infrastructures and ancillary equipment.

Design ventilation systems and installations that evacuate smoke and hot gas, except for the ones that involve natural venting.

Design fire signalling, alert and early warning systems.

Design fire confinement and extinguishing systems and installations.

Type Bp for designing exterior/interior electrical systems for civil and industrial structures, overhead and underground connections, working on a nominal voltage of 0.4kV.

Engineering, design, technical advice and work supervision activities. Execution of construction works.

Engineering, design, technical advice and work supervision activities. Execution of construction works.

BIM-assisted design services. The organisation and digitisation of the information that concerns buildings and civil engineering works, including the modelling of information for construction purposes. Information management using the modelling of information for buildings.

BIM-assisted design services. The organisation and digitisation of the information that concerns buildings and civil engineering works, including the modelling of information for construction purposes. Information management using the modelling of information for buildings. The asset delivery phase.

Code NCAGE:1HFFL - services deliverable according to the NATO coding system.