digitalBAU 20223 min. de citit

With its second edition of the digitalBAU fair – which took place from May 31 to June 2, 2022, in Koln – the importance of innovation in the construction industry was emphasized.

The fair’s exhibition areas focused on the themes of the digital transformation of construction sites, BIM in execution, smart buildings, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The visit to the digitalBAU2022 fair for Leviatan Design specialists represented a very good moment to gauge the pulse of digital transformation at the European level. Participation in the fair gave us the opportunity to analyze the latest technologies developed and applied in the construction market, as well as software development trends in this sector. We found software solutions and technologies for each of the life cycle stages of the built asset:

  • 3D modeling programs and add-ins to facilitate modeling, focus on open BIM;
  • Common data environments specialized in design or execution;
  • Programs for viewing and collaborating with 3D models, VR, or mixed reality;
  • Specific imaging technologies and software for processing scanned data, with AI integration for detecting and automating the processing process in REVIT/modeling programs (Scan-to-BIM);
  • Scanning technologies only with the phone/tablet and integrating them with the 3D model, including augmented reality elements on mobile devices, coordination, and clash detection between the building modeled in design and what was executed;
  • Imagery/scanning of the building in different stages of execution works through street view type technologies;
  • Programs for engineering analyses such as energy calculations, insolation studies using 3D models, which allow complex modeling of the building and its specific conditions: location, materials used, positioning, etc.;
  • Add-ins for modeling programs used in extracting quantities and automating the process of calculating investment values based on the materials and technologies used in execution;
  • Platforms dedicated to the procurement process for the purchase of material – manpower in general entrepreneurship activity;
  • Software and technologies (sensors) dedicated to the digitalization of processes on site: management of equipment and machinery, management of material orders, cost management, change management and other processes specific to execution works;
  • Planning platforms integrated with the 3D model;
  • Smart equipment and machinery;
  • Sensors – from concrete pouring to IoT and space and occupant management;
  • Intelligent solutions with integrated IoT for access control;
  • Scanning solutions and data and image processing using AI for current tracking inspections.

The market trend shows development in all aspects in the field of construction, the challenge today is no longer to find a technology or software, but to choose the right software solution and technology and how it integrates with the other technologies used.

Participation in this fair gave us the opportunity to directly discuss with software developers about some of the situations encountered and opened new paths for collaboration.

DigitalBAU2022 once again confirmed the right path and good practices that Leviathan Design has adopted in the process of digital transformation.

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