Who we are?

We are a professional team of architects, structural engineers, interior designers, installations engineers, project managers offering quality to each project developed, having as common objective value and result providing, professional services, as well as sustainable and innovative solutions for any client.

We started in 2012 and, in declining economic conditions, our team managed to grow and establish itself in the market by addressing projects with seriousness and responsibility, be it small or large projects, bringing customers the advantage of judicious and complete designing both in the investment planning, the optimization and the forecasting of costs in the performance and the added value through the safety and quality of completed projects.

Meet the team!

We are a team drawn together by passion, creativity, attention, commitment, perseverance and patience; and working this way we succeed in giving each project compositional unity and freshness, order, balance and symmetry.

We are a homogeneous team sharing the passion for excellency and quality from the concept to the construction and delivery.
We are bold and confident and we offer structures the power to project, to render and transmit force and value.

Why work with us?

Consistent and open culture

We have an open and strait forward approach towards communication both internally and externally, and we encourage everyone’s feedback and suggestions.

Creative and unique solutions

We know that each project is different and, therefore it requires a different way of combination between knowledge and experience so that it offers innovative solutions.

Respect for people and appraisal for their contribution

We acknowledge each person’s contribution and we offer an environment that encourages people into using their knowledge and skills by creating for them, at the same time, opportunities to learn more and to develop as individuals.

Excellency & Ethics

We offer and work at high standards and we love challenges. All projects are carried out through integrity, honesty and correctness.


We build for the future, ensuring that the projects we develop enrich our client’s work, the community economy and our company’s reputation.

Energy and Enthusiasm

Successful projects are based on energy, enthusiasm and the commitment of the involved people. We strive to offer an environment that helps our people channel these values into inspiring them to give the best every day.

Name meaning

Although we know the meaning of the word Leviathan as referred to in the Old Testament (Psalm 74: 13-14), namely the biblical sea creature, our choice was not based on this perception of the word in question.

Choosing the company name originated in the symbolism of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ main work, Leviathan. Incapable to indefinitely rely on their individual powers for ensuring durability and contentment, Hobbes theorized the idea that people unite in creating a group (“Commonwealth”). Thus, this group, as a whole, embodies a network of associated contracts and it becomes the highest form of social organization.

In Hobbes’s view, the creation of this unit creates a new artificial entity (Leviathan) which is entrusted with all the responsibilities concerning the social order and the public welfare. So, in the context of the modern world in which we live and operate, and by assuming the English philosopher’s idea, we went further on with the metaphor, transforming this image into that of a complex economic construction that can comprise all fields that we modeslty aspire to cover.


Our company values people who are motivated to learn and grow and who are proud of being productive through a job well done. So, if you have a technical background that fits our areas of service, and if you are a team player, we invite you to submit your resume.
Please note that resume are replied to only when we identify a need or a match.

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