Our efforts – both inside and outside the company – are geared towards its long-term positioning and are generally characterized by:

Respect, Determination and Integrity

And, in particular, the principles set out below.

These values ​​are the basis of all our activities in the enterprise.

Law enforcement

In everything we do, we respect the laws and moral standards as well as our internal rules.


Occupational safety and health are of major importance to us.


We promise that any action we take will be free of any discrimination. We promote equal opportunities for all in every aspect.

Environment protection

We make sure that we protect the environment and its resources in a careful and responsible manner.


Our decisions are based on loyalty, integrity, and fair competition.


We treat our customers and business partners with respect and dignity. We are committed to carefully managing the company’s assets and are firmly opposed to those that offer illegal benefits.


Customer orientation and the interest of our company are the principles that guide our every action.